Titles and Deeds

For every agreement of money-related activity you need a paper (document) as a written proof and evidence for every money-relating activity that you did. The paper can be a title or a deed. So, what is the difference between them?

A title

A tittle is a document or evidence that you own the property or home that you have been paying off.  It means an owner has the legal rights that are part of the property while someone else is on the property or land. Usually, it will be matched in the records of the locality saying that are at as well as by the one who has sold the property.

 A deed

A deed  is a similar type of documentation that will be used in the process of gaining a title. Usually, it is proceed by people who are investing in real estate will receive a deed as a transaction paper to the title. It means that the person who will be getting the property has the right to the title as well as the right to the property.  There will be several regulations and also legal factors bound to this type of documentation. It is to ensure that the transaction is fair.


There are several steps you will have to take when you are about to receive a title or a deed for a home or piece of property. At first step, you need to show the proof of insurance, copies of agreements that you bought the house, proofs for the purchase from the seller, purchase agreements, invoices, receipts from the mortgage and proof of satisfaction that the one who is buying the property has met all of the requirements for purchase of the property.

Tehn, you have to ensure that you have the title or deed in your hand. It’s the last step to make your home completely yours. Understanding the the process of getting a title will make you walk into the final closing ready to make the exchange. You can own the piece of property which you have been working towards.


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