Remodeling a hotel is like a gamble. There are huge consequences for the hotel owners, cause millions to be spent. Although there are daunting factors involved, hotel owners still remodel their hotel for the benefit that might follow the renovation.

Hotel remodeling is not a simple. It’s not like remodeling a house tat maybe you only need to pertaining just one room or one area. Remodeling hotel involves a great portion of renovation. One of the example of remodeling the hotel can be seen on Marriott Hotel in Missouri. The original hotel that was built in 1985, has not had any renovations to it guest rooms in the last 10 years. Furthermore, since the hotel was built, it has not had any renovations done with its bathroom. The hotel has large empty space in grounds and a future use for that is yet undecided.

Millions Lost, Millions Gained – The Gamble Of Hotel Remodeling.png

Although the hotel is still consider new compared to some historic hotels in New York, The Marriott’s renovation was decided to be able to face competition from the newer hotels in the recent years. Giving a fact that many newer hotels pop out, the hotel owner needs to create new inviting looks for the hotel. Not only on the outside, but also in the inside, like its interiors and room. The untouched bathrooms finally get renovated with granite countertops and dramatic theme. The Marriott hotel also provides wireless internet in their guest rooms.

The owner of the hotel seeks to attract business through conventions when the Marriott hotel is remodeled. This provides a wide advertisement for convention-goers to book rooms in the hotel. when it comes to hotel guests, the Marriott hotel complex will get a larger demographic. The cost for remodeling the hotel might be great, but the benefits cannot be denied when it pertains to hotel remodeling. Though the benefits will come gradually and in the long term, but remodeling your hotel will help to create a greater return and also providing the customers with the quality service and accommodation. It is possible they will come back and spread the words about our hotel comfortableness.


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