You must want your house looks great from the outside, even with the curb. You can paint your curb to give your house more appeal look. The right method of painting can make a longer-lasting paint for your curb. If you ask the professional, they will give you advice to coat with a primer first, then coat it with paint. Here are the reasons:

Beautiful On The Outside Paint Like The Pros For Curb Appeal That Lasts.png

  1. Primer provides the perfect and great foundation for paint. Primers are formulated to provide the ideal base for paint while paint is formulated for color and durability. High-quality primers are rich in resin make them stick to hard-to-paint surfaces like vinyl siding because they adhere to surfaces much better than paint alone so you can get a good result. Primers are formulated to seal porous surfaces like concrete, brick, masonry and new wood. So you only need a few paint yet you get more even sheen and color.
  2. Primers block stain. This primers are specifically formulated to block stains permanently and completely. So, when you have to paint something that has high tannin content like cedar and redwood, your paint job won’t get ruin. Stain-blocking primers can prevent rust formation on primer film, so it can be used to paint railings or other metal surfaces.
  3. Primers will make the color looks better cause they can hide previous colors (even the darker color) and prevent them from showing through new paint. It creates sealed and stain-free surface. That is why, using primers will make the colors look vibrant and beautiful.
  4. Primers prevent common paints problems like cracking, peeling or blistering. Using primers absolutely will make your paint job more durable and last longer.

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